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Classes and treatments available in Yoga , Qi Gong , Meditation and Reiki

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British School of Meditation Qualified Tutor

mobile : 07772547375

Facebook : ashbrookeyoga

Although anyone can profess to be a meditation tutor, getting the best from your meditation takes a qualified teacher. That's why the British School of Meditation was founded. And why there are  qualified meditation teachers who've proved themselves on their demanding courses.

I offer  meditation instruction to suit you:

• One-to-one training 
• Meditation in schools
• Meditation in large and small organisations
• Group meditation

. Workshops


Tuition consists of the various forms of meditation , the aim is to experience each technique , and choose which best suits you.

included forms are


Loving Kindness

The Breath


Guided meditation 


 British School of Meditation is recognised by Ascentis, as an accredited provider of meditation teacher training. The course is recognised by Ofqual, the Government Agency regulating national qualifications. 

A BSoM-qualified teacher – for your peace of mind

BSoM   teachers must study the main forms of meditation, practice extensively and pass  strict practical and theory assignments. 


Find calm with meditation classes in Northern England 

If we had a simple remedy for life's pressures, you'd want it wouldn't you? Whether it's just for you, or your organisation wants to offer meditation, I can offer bespoke workshops and courses with duration's to suit.

Relax and start benefiting. It's good to know a meditation class and regular meditation can help with stress and worries – for life. What's more, meditation can help with other aspects of your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental well-being. Scientific research has shown that regular meditation can help with: 

• Better sleep
• Heart and blood pressure health
• Immune system
• Better concentration
• Feeling happier
Even when work stresses, money or just 'life in general' are on your mind, you'll look forward to your meditation class and daily meditation practice.

(source BSoM website)


Current Classes
  • I currently offer a holistic class that includes Qigong , yoga and meditation .

  • It Is open to all , and aimed at those who struggle in a general class.

This class incorporates Iyengar yoga which is ideally suited to those less able with  use of supports and equipment 

Breathing and moment postures from Shibashi Qigong help with breath techniques and stability and can be practised  by everyone .

The session will conclude with guided meditation to promote a calmness of the mind. 

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